Crane Stand Center Stage Pro - Pre Order

This is it!  So many DJs have asked us if we would be bringing back the Pro, the stand that helped make Crane a world wide brand leader in the laptop stand space. So, we decided to take the legendary design and… make it better! The Crane Stand Pro Centerstage is the second generation of Crane Stand Pro.  Same high quality aerospace grade aluminum and build quality.  Subtray?  Absolutely!  But the foot is redesigned for even greater stability.  This is a limited production run.  We don’t know if we’ll make any more.  Maybe in another couple of years.  Maybe not. They are just getting boxed up and shipped to us, and we want to offer offer pre-sales to anyone who wants to be sure to be among the first to have this legend in the making.


The MSRP is going to be $150.  Yep, that’s right!  A special price for a special piece of equipment.  Compare it to the guy selling an original CV2 on Ebay for $400 last year and its a no brainer. A $75 deposit will assure you of immediate delivery the day they hit our warehouse in the US.  When the goods hit the port, you’ll be contacted to make the balance due payment. Free shipping is always part of the deal in the U.S. and our overseas customers will need to pay a little more for international shipping. But you could be setting up with a Centerstage in just a  few weeks.